Miss SL Indonesia 2015 - National Costume

Dress - Styles by Danielle/Dewi Sri
Jewelry - Chop Zuey/Fire dancer (Not released yet on Jun. 17th, 2015)

Miss Indonesia took her inspiration for her national costume from beautiful Balinese dancers, who are part of a Hindu outlying population among the 1000 islands that go to make up the indonesian archipelago.
Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims of any nation on earth, but  the Balinese culture uniquely was born  from the clash  of Hinduism  and Buddism centuries ago. Dancing is an integral part of that culture.
This beautiful and exotic national costume is made by Styles by DANIELLE(Dani Plassitz).
Torso is wrapped in a red sabuk (sash). The lower half of her body is wrapped in kain (cloth) that  extends to the  ankles. The kain and sabuk are both decorated with gold hand drawing patterns.
And jewelries are made by CHOP ZUEY(Belle Roussel). Headdress is called "Gelungan", and it is regarded very sacred and it is purified by incense before the dance.
Poses are inspired from Baliese dances, Oleg Tambulilingan and Cendrawasih, and they are custom made by agapee (Argnit Igaly).

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