Miss SL Indonesia 2015 - Formal

Dress - Azul/Linette (Not released yet on Jun. 17th, 2015))
Jewelry - Chop Zuey/Indah Merpati (Not released yet on Jun. 17th, 2015)

Here is my inspiration for this gown:
Miss Indonesia wanted to order dress which reminds a bird, because her family name "Linette" means bird. Especially she ordered blue bird, which is a symbol of happiness.
She ordered choker with back drop necklace, with feather head ornament and earrings.
Belle named this beautiful jewelry "Indah Merpati", which means "Beautiful Pigeon".
When a journey started, she ordered this dress because she want to catch a blue bird, but now she wish she could be a blue bird itself, which bring someone happiness,

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